Ghost Rider Toy Fair Exclusive – Hot Toys

Ghost Rider Toy Fair Exclusive – Hot Toys


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The Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Aragorn from The Lord of the Ring trilogy.


  • Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body
  • Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Over 36 points of articulation


Features :

  • An authentic likeness of actor from the film with implanted root hair.
  • One pair of relaxed posture hand
  • One pair of weapon holding hand
  • One pair of fist posture hand

. One sixth scaled Evenstar


Special features on Clothing:

  • One elfish cape with leaf pin
  • One pair of long sleeved undervest
  • One pair of long underpants
  • One leather vest
  • One authenticAragornranger leather coat
  • One belt plus sheath holder
  • One pair of boots


Special features in weapons:

  • One ranger sword
  • One elfish dagger



  • One Asmus Toys figure stand

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